Office fruit delivery to your business in Melbourne

Office Fruit Direct delivers the highest quality fresh fruit to your Melbourne office or business every week of the year.

Why use Office Fruit Direct for your fruit box delivery?

Low overheads, personal involvement and top quality fruit. Our buyer has over 30 years experience in wholesale fruit buying and he owns the business so he will personally guarantee you have the best quality fruit as well as the best value fruit available.

Free sample fruit box delivered to your office

We know we provide excellent quality fruit so we’re happy to send you a free sample fruit box delivered to your office or come to our fruit market warehouse and pick any of the hundreds we pack because every fruit box we pack is the same excellent quality.

What is in the Fruit Box ?

During the cooler months your fresh fruit baskets will include apples, bananas, grapes, kiwi fruit, pears and mandarins. In the warmer months your fruit boxes will contain apples, bananas, pears, grapes, peaches, plums and more.

Choose from two simple fruit boxes

The small office fruit box

This business fruit box contains a minimum of 32 pieces of assorted top quality market fresh fruit.

The large fruit basket

This office fruit box contains a minimum of 52 pieces of beautiful fresh fruit delivered to you office or business in Melbourne