Jamie on ‘box choice’

Too much choice can be a burden. We recognise you have many pressing tasks in your busy day – such as finding out who keeps stealing all the pens – so we understand that worrying about fruit for the office is way down the food chain (pardon the pun) of importance. So, with the aim of unburdening you, we’ve developed just TWO box sizes.

The Small Fruit Box and the Large Fruit Box (Would you believe it took two marketing firms and fifty grand to come up with those left-field product names? No? I didn’t think so)

Our Small Fruit Box has a minimum of 32 pieces and our Large Fruit Box has a minimum of 52 pieces. You’ll never receive less than these amounts, but if we’re buying well (meaning our buyers actually get up and come to work!) we can toss a couple of extra pieces in at no charge. It’s one of the many ways we say thank you for choosing Office Fruit Direct.


Some of you may bring your Fruit Loops, Coco Pops or Frosties to work. (Please, we know the muesli is a put-on!)

We can supply you with a range of premium PURA products including Full Cream, Tone, Lite Start and 2% Fat. All are 100% Permeate free. “What’s permeate?” I hear you ask. Permeate is a watery by-product of milk processing. Some dairy companies add it to the milk to dilute the protein levels throughout the year. PURA milk is not diluted with permeate and therefore it’s less processed and closer to how it is on the farm.